If we're being honest it's Friday 28th August

And I’m awake for some reason.

What’s going on in your lives pals?

Think I’m handing my notice in today, fuck it. Might do some packing too. Got the day off which is nice.

Not sure on weekend plans, might go Quantocking tomorrow if the weather is nice? Anyone got anything good on for the banko?


Also today is @1101010 appreciation day


And a very happy birthday to @gardenhead, @dragonheart26 and @3243467567!

Wow, just leaving and getting ready to go off somewhere? Like no job?

Is it safe for me to Google that?!

Thank you!!

Today I got hold of the school after my daughter having some big time sads yesterday thanks to lockdown and her teacher had a WebEx with her and the councillor should be able to speak to her next week, so I feel a bit better.

On the other hand no idea how we’ll get someone into our flat in London. Will probably have to go through a letting agent which will of course we terrible for anyone who rents in terms of costs and the like. A bit stressful, plus thinking about whether we try to come back next year.

Covid can suck my big fat one, frankly.

Just realised where St Helena actually is (thought it was near Sardinia or something)

Also, there’s a place called ‘Edinburgh of the Seven Seas’



Isn’t normal Edinburgh pretty port-like?

Quantocking is something benign from peep show


It’s my Monday :skull_and_crossbones::pleading_face:

If you class having a port as port-like, yes.


It’s Friday, so obviously I stayed up too late drinking and watching TV. sleepy, but not in until 1.

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In a panic because I somehow forgot the outdoor bits for R’s PE kit and I really don’t want to go into town let alone asda or primark because I am definitely not ready for that yet. Ffs, how did I forget that? Also a total pain that he needs both trainers and plimsolls that have to live at school.

In better news… Pizza! Beer! Film club! New Jacob Nico album!

So much life dread though I just want to cry/scream.

That’s basically all that’s required I guess. So classic Edinburgh is already the one of the seven seas?

Morning all. It’s Friday. Weather looks SHITT. Starting a week of cat sitting this week so expect photos.

Got no meetings other than one that’s been rescheduled about fifty times at 11 so that’s… Nice :grimacing:

Then three days orff. Got few plans. Sushi on Sunday (all you can eat) and a market on Monday.

Love yas. Hello to all those who have been already and will be in this thread.

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If you need any help on the London side of things dont forget London folk here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Day 1 of a 4 day weekend. :sunglasses:
Still woke up at 5:30am though didn’t I?

Going to do some exercise, some record label nonsense and then just make whooshing noises on my new synthesizer all day. :musical_keyboard: :musical_note:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Cheers. I did mention it in passing on a daily thread.

As it stands our mates are still trying to get a firm date from their new place so I don’t have a timescale but it’s likely to be free at the end of September.

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Take it up with Prince Alfred.

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Didn’t really process that it’s Friday and a three day weekend so I think I’ve set myself up for an absolute shiter of a work day today. Not even angry at past Epimer though, he needed to take it easy this week.

I might revise this position at 4 o’clock.

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I would be revising my position at 8.13am tbf tbh

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