If/When the world ends tomorrow...

last place you went?
last film you saw?
last thing you ate?
last person you spoke to?
last game you played?
last song you listened to?

(add more)

last place you went? - the mini-mart about 8 days ago
last film you saw? - knives out
last thing you ate? - chicken sandwich with piccalilly
last person you spoke to? gf
last game you played? hearthstone
last song you listened to? squeeze - king george street

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Fox and Hounds 2
Some leftover spaghetti from kid dinner
Maaah waaafff
It’s My Life - Bon Jovi

Looking at this list I reckon I need to live while I’m alive


Tesco :frowning:
Blue Velvet
Miso soup w/ green onions and some toast
My pal Nick
Magnetic Fields - You must be out of your mind

Not bad really

last place you went? Sainsbury’s
last film you saw? Evil Under the sun
last thing you ate? Avocado and tomato sandwich
last person you spoke to? Oldest son
last game you played? Slay the Spire
last song you listened to? Rio

last place you went?
clissold park for a jog

last film you saw?
Klute - best film imo.

last thing you ate?
some pasta with lemon, peas and asparagus.

last person you spoke to?
the tv.

last game you played?

last song you listened to?
Whigfield - Saturday Night

happy with that tbh.


excellent choice


Last place - M&S food, 13 damn days ago
Film - My Neighbour Totoro, with the kids today
Ate - Spaghetti Bolognese - homemade
Person - tv
Game - Breath of the Wild
Song - Side A of Lift your skinny fists… by Godspeed you Black Emperor

last place you went? My work to buy salt and paracetamol
last film you saw? OJ Made In America (again)
last thing you ate? Bounty
last person you spoke to? My wife
last game you played? Super Mario Land (gameboy version)
last song you listened to? Dua Lipa - Physical

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We’ve just watched the People vs OJ and we’ll be watching the OJ doc before it heads off iplayer on Tuesday


the wolverine
bit of white chocolate
my dad
fm 2012
whigfield - saturday night

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PvOJ is really good, but the doc is astonishing in depth and detail. So good. One of my wife’s favourite Christmas presents I’ve bought her ever, oddly.

Round the block for a 5 minute nightwalk
That shouty hughy one i think
Oven food
Mario kart
Whatever the last track on maggot brain is

Pizza and garlic bread
The missus
Cod battle royal thing
New Connor oberst song

last place you went? Park across the road
last film you saw? The Irish man (Irishman?)
last thing you ate? Crackers and cheese
last person you spoke to? My sister
last game you played? FM20
last song you listened to? The Associates - Party Fears Two

Last place - walk through town
Film - school of rock
Ate - crumpet
Spoke to - currently R, could he him, V or MrS
Game - animal crossing
Song - something Chopin on world piano day earlier
TV - tiger king
Drink - tea

Gonna stick this on now I reckon

last place you went? - for a sunrise walk
last film you saw? - Primer, shite
last thing you ate? - ICE CREAM
last person you spoke to? - Mam
last game you played? - Rocket League
last song you listened to? - Whatever the last one on Dua Lipa’s new album is called


last place you went? Work
last film you saw? Alice in Wonderland (original)
last thing you ate? Indian takeaway
last person you spoke to? Eldest son
last game you played? Noughts and crosses
last song you listened to? Light Years - the National

Not bad

Any good?