"If wishes were kisses"

Well they’re not kisses are they? In fact they’re nothing like kisses.

Don’t even rhyme with kisses!

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It’s actually ‘if dishes were pisses’

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Hey genie, grant me three kisses will ya :kissing_heart:

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you know what else I hate?

Self always has to rhyme with shelf, because that’s the only word there is.

Maybe just don’t end a line with self, brainiac!


aaaaah Ant loves fantasy bullshit!

I swear I don’t! You gotta believe me Mister!

gonna quote this back at you when you least suspect it

I’ll probably expect it most around Christmas time.

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I guess that would have to be in the past though, before you said it would be the time you’d be most shocked.


Health, stealth, wealth…

just me myselth and I

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Yeah, that’s true actually. You’ll never surprise anyone more than by doing something in their past


f ain’t th

Fabian Delph


“Smelt rhymes with self”

he who smelt it, self it

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Rhyming does not require exact letter replication, only phonetic similarity.

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depends on who you ask

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