If work let you have the rest of the day off

What would you go and do?

Think i’d gave an early lunch and then go home and play some video games. Probably do a bit of cleaning tbh, it’s a bit overdue.

Straight home, Deliveroo for lunch, bit of light tidying, computer games until it’s time to go to the pub to play cards.

I’d head to my daughter’s school, surprise my wife and pick them all up and we’d go and grab a sandwich somewhere. Then in the afternoon I’d play pirates.


walk, guitar, read, music, watch, food

pictures for the running of the blades

Sit in bed with Netflix, ice cream and 2 boxes of tissues (wahey!) and alternate between watching TV and sleeping.

Which is exactly what I’m doing atm having been allowed to go home because I’m ill.


Got fuckloads to do on the house, so would probably

  • paint some skirrting board / other woodwork
  • take a load of boxes to the tip
  • put together some more shelving

Oh there’s a guy plastering the ceiling in one of our bedrooms so I’d probably make him a cuppa or two and make Mark Corrigan-esque small talk.

Still full of a cold so go home and watch tv/play games.

What you playing, reading, watching huns?

In an ocarina of time mood myself.

Go home, make a nice cup of tea and read Maus, which I’ve finally got around to starting after owning it for around 8 years, and listen to some nice ambient nonsense. I would play games but I’m sulking because my pad broke.

Go to the Lebanese place for lunch then go for a walk somewhere nice, come home and watch Gilmore Girls


god id love to be able to go home and do nowt for a bit

i am off. cheers

Go for a run or a bike ride or a swim.

Sick as a dog so this might actually be the case today. I started my website back up recently so probably working on that a bit, listening to music, maybe a little gaming.

Playing: Hob, which you might actually like. It’s a bit Zelda.

Reading: nearly done with Handmaid’s Tale, still getting through The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay but not loving it, tbqfhumble

Watching: Big Mouth. Not sure if I’m going to stick with it.

I would look at the weather forecast, see that it’s a 40% chance of rain. Take a chance on it, load up the car, and head climbing. Get rained on. Come home in a grump. Play video games.


No more gym classes now til the ones i’m booked in for this evening so this gives me the right to go home, lay on the sofa all day and make a big fat bowl of puttanesca.

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What season are you on?

Hop on a 3 and a half hour train to go see my Mum, go watch blade runner with her and get some dinner, then sit on the sofa watching some trash with a big bottle of fizzy wine cackling away until she falls asleep in her chair. Just got off the phone to her and I miss her :cry: