If work let you have the rest of the day off

How many doors would you have to go through to get from where you are to your sofa?


7 in work*
2 train doors
1 front door

* technically I could cut this to three if I went round the back to collect my bike, or one if I left via the emergency exit door. But the seven door route is the more direct way.

Hell of a thread this, I’m WFH so can’t really participate but I cannot wait to read the responses


3 in building
2 in my building.

3+2=10! 10 million doors!

hi mate

  • the work doors on my floor
    -door to the lift
  • front door
  • doors of bus
  • door to my apartment block
  • my front door

so 6


2 in building
2 on bus
3 at home

You do the math

Five. Presuming we’re counting double doors as one.

Yes, I’m counting them as one.

2+2+3 =24

24 billion doors.


Shiiiiiit! Probs just gonna stay at work then :frowning:

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Two on the stairwell to get to ground floor
One to exit the building (revolving)
Two on the trains (not got my bike today)
One front door
One lounge door

So a fairly bang average seven…

What about car doors? If getting into and out of my car counts then that’s seven. Probably nine if I leave my phone in the car and have to go back to get it, which I seem to do every other day, though that’s sort of opening the door and leaning in to grab it which wouldn’t probably count as two extra?

Lot of variables here.

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No doors, would need to move about seven feet to my left.

my office door
general office door
building door
Car door (in)
Car door (out)
Front door
Living Room Door


Car doors count. Let’s not complicate things with talk of forgetting stuff.

apparently walking through doors increases your chance of forgetting stuff though.

Alright. I’ll be confident in my ability to not leave anything in the car and go with a firm seven.

wow thats a lot
might just sleep here tonight

10 (office building, two buses and block of flats)

Office door, floor door, building door, car door, car door again, front door.

2 more if getting on a bike counts as going through a door