If yo' tastebuds are a tingling' this lunchtime

Hop on down to your local Subway (the nation’s favourite) for a FREE 6" sub of your choice with any drink.

Hope the really insecure lonely babies don’t get too angry below…


Bet they’ll all be rammed. Can’t imagine much that screams “I’m failing at life” louder than spending your entire lunch queuing for a free Subway sandwich.

Think the ‘subway smell’ is now the second most recognisable food chain smell after McDonalds.


would probably do this if there was one closer

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Do we need to take a printout of this thread to redeem it?

If you’re gonna spew, spew in Subway.


You seem content with your lot in life.

On a pile of money with many beautiful ladies, thanks for asking.

Always makes me do a little retch when I’m out for a run and go past one.


For the record, I’ve got no problem with Subway in general. It’s fine. But there’s no dignity to be had in queuing up for £3.50’s worth of free food.

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No surprises as yet. Two more notorious babies and i’ve got HOOOOOSE!

Surprised you’re able to reach your keyboard from up there in your ivory tower.

Joking aside, have you seen ‘I, Daniel Blake’?

Honest question.

*pile of money topped with many beautiful ladies

Not really into queuing up to spend £15 on watching films either, tbqfh.


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Is this a real thing? There’s one right next to my office. What do I do? FANX

You have to say “I want your 6 inches inside of me” to the fella behind the counter