If you could acquire a feature from another creature in the natural world

free of charge, then what would you go for?

for example:
colour changing ability of a giant cuttlefish
a scorpion’s tail
maybe something a tree does

I’d love an elephant’s trunk. already got a massive nose so it’d suit me too

Would be good to photosynthesise or be like those immortal jellyfish that only die if they get hurt or eaten


ability to comfortably walk on all fours like a gorilla.

also, the fighting pride of a gorilla.

you already have that I believe



sorry this was meant to be a reply to the all fours post

can’t do it, it’s really uncomfortable.

A pouch, like a kangaroo, to keep my phone and wallet in.

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Think I’d prefer having a beak to a mouth and nose.

The pouches are wet though

I’d love a snail’s shell too

so many options aren’t there

A duck beak would be quite sexy imo.

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Fun bum like one of the fun bummed apes (gibbon? Baboon?)


Does the creature have to be from our realm?

Pig (corkscrew penis)

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Would be a great party trick

which other realms are you considering?

Oh none really I just thought it might be helpful to clarify incase anyone was thinking of posting an idea from another realm is all.

My answer is that I would like the unending faith in humanity of a dog


maybe we could start with our realm and then expand it when we reach the 200 post mark?