If you could be a cartoon character for a day who would you be? And why?


I’m a grown up so I’m not going to take part in this farce of a thread.


I would be Clifford the big red dog because I would be big and red and a dog.


Alright, I’m caving.

Clifford is a nice choice.


Thank you.







Jake because then you can do loads of shit and you are cool as fuck. (plus Lady Rainicorn!)


Fred from Scooby Doo. I think you know why. (If the Mystery Machine is rockin’ don’t come knockin’)

(can someone confirm that this isn’t boorish sexism because they are just drawings?)


@chadders PM’d me to say he’d choose this little guy.

He said the reason should be self evident.



just kidding, it’d be eric obviously


yeah i’d also be some sort of dog


dexters dad


the pigeon from catch the pigeon


Johnny bravo, and I would spend all day flexing


Any of them that can fly from dragon ball z


Goku would be pretty sweet.


One of the ones with tentacles


Dragon Ballz? wtf?