If you could choose your birthday what would you have?

Just the day and month, year has to stay the same. I would choose august 8, so i could be 8.8.88. As it stands, i was born about 2 weeks late for this :weary:

Would also like a spring birthday or an autumn one so April and October are good too

Id have it today


August 3rd please


If I chose not to have any birthdays at all does that mean I won’t get any older?

I’ll have that one please


i’d like another day-month number match, that’s very satisfying - but would like a bit more birthday warmth

so maybe a May 5th, or a September 9th. Feel a main summer month would get lost in the summer holidays

Actually, August 6th please

20th April 1969


Probably stay as it is. End of July. Was nice having birthdays during school holidays and when I got older, we tended to go away for holidays over my birthday. Normally guaranteed good weather as well.

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V cool account

1st September. Oldest in the school year and still get a summer birthday just about

I think this says a lot about you

I wouldn’t change mine. I like it

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‘fan of summer’ for example


I reckon I have the perfect birthday

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Any reason for this date?

(apart from the best people having their birthday on it)

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^this would be my answer, too.

On accounts of how it is in a summer month and it would make for a satisfying 6/8/86 bit of palindrominityness

I like my birthday being when it is actually.

I don’t want to share it, so

A friend has a Christmas day birthday so they have a second halfway through the year as well. That seems fun.

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