If you could do a proper job


Like, learn a trade and not be some useless, unnecessary analyst or IT bore like we all are here, what would you do and why?

Plumber, roofer, carpet fitter, decorator etc

Or if the idea of learning a trade is awful to you,please explain why you are a vile, vile, work shy snob.

Dunno what I’d do. Would like to learn one though, what’s easy to learn? Tiling?
Think I’m too tall (genuinely) for most trades.
Thanks, please enjoy this thread responsibly


tree surgeon or something like that






Carpenter. I’d love to be able to knock up tables and chairs and beds and stuff.


Please, enjoy responsibly! That isn’t a fucking trade!!


Wildlife photographer, the kind that has to swim underwater with a giant set up


Panel beater or locksmith. I’m not really sure what the first one is though.




Reckon that would be awful, probably. Like on PAPER (haha) hanging from trees all day sounds great, but probably shit


Chimney Sweep


one of the mongers. not fish though





Really wish I’d taken up a trade sometimes. Its in my blood and I think it could be very satisfying (as well as increasingly financially rewarding in an era when kids are discouraged from taking up a trade from all angles)




pretty sure you cycle, pal



Not a trade, please there are clear examples in the OP. Please


Hairdresser / Barber / Train driver




Glass-blowing would be fun for a bit, but I imagine it would get old quick.