If you could donate to artists on Spotify - would you?

This is such a simple idea. Why shouldn’t they do it?





Yeah. Would also like a link to an artists site/store in the same way they flag when bands are touring near you

Good idea.

Youtube have those donate buttons so it should be easy to technically implement in an effective way. I think people are geared up to paying for stuff it is just weird how what people do and don’t pay for in the internet age has developed so randomly.

Also think artists should always have a just donate button in Bandcamp. Would contribute that way for sure.

I really would. There are certain artists/albums I almost unthinkingly continually gravitate back to - some that don’t fully announce themselves as important to me for some time. There are other instances where I’m up at 1am, arsed, and listen to something that blows my mind or stops my heart. I’d probably donate in both instances.

I love Spotify as a user experience. I don’t particularly like band shirts and find that I rarely have the opportunity to play vinyl (and don’t have much room to store it).

I go to gigs as much as possible but would like to tip an artist occasionally.

I would, but it’d never happen as it would mean Spotify would be admitting that their model fails at supporting bands.


I would definitely be up for this as I basically don’t pay for anything these days apart from gigs. That said, I would fully expect Spotify to adopt a 90% admin fee to the service.


Yeah, this. There’s no reason to have a Donate button when you can just go to an artist’s Bandcamp page and buy their work digitally. The fact the so few people do it is because Spotify is there.



I would say yes, but I can right now with 90% of the stuff I like by buying their releases on Bandcamp, but I don’t.

So maybe the answer is actually no.

Would rather they actually paid them properly and built a sustainable model for artists.


Probably just buy the album and go see them live and buy some merch if I like them enough.
Buying an LP direct from a band at a gig is bound to make a heck of a lot more proft for them?

I suppose this idea is more like the micro transactions that a lot of games use these days, which certainly works there, or a patreon - people repeatedly pushing the $1 button for artists they like.

I like the idea behind what Deezer recently announced, where what’s paid to artists is based on what each person listens to rather than sharing an overall pot. So if you listen to 5 specific artists, your subscription fee goes to those artists and no-one else. Might be missing something but seems like smaller artists with dedicated fanbases will get a boost from doing it that way.

Always thought a PWYW streaming service, where you set the monthly fee, would work well, especially if it was combined with the above.

Tipping/donating sounds too much like charity and would just be a plaster over the issues with streaming, but anything that means more money to the artist is a good thing.


Think at present spotify takes 160+ plays of a track for act to make a dollar. Reckon it’d suit them and me better to buy the CD or LP if I’m listening to something that much tbf.

Times that amount of plays by 10 and you’re a bit closer.

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Yep. Buy the music you like is the key point.

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