If you could just walk out of work* right now

and go and do one thing, what would it be? Must be something within the realm of possibility that you have the means/werewithal to actually do.

Reckon I’d go home and play Resident Evil 2 if i’m honest.

*or whatever it is you’re doing (don’t tell us)

I’d go see my nieces*

*and have a go at them for liking Disney. Especially the six week old one.


The daily guided tour at the National gallery.

Might struggle to make it for 14:30; I’d need to pedal, hard!

Go sit in the pub for an hour or two, feel guilty about it, so go home early to hang with the baby and Mrs HYG.


Go down to the Oval and catch the final two sessions of Surrey v Hampshire whilst enjoying a couple of beers.

I’m not at work :sun_with_face:


Annoy my cat

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Sorry. I will be at work for 9 days straight from tomorrow though!

I’d go to the shops and buy a big cake and then go to the cinema.

Score the winning goal in the World Cup.

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Haven’t even walked IN TO work yet.

(Start at 2)

I think this wins for me, too.

I’d probably just use the time to take care of a bit of light admin

Go home and catch up on last nights Love Island

brief bike ride into kent (elmers end-west wickham-layhams-skid hill-beddlestead-tatsfield-biggin hill-jackass [quick pint in the jolly woodman] then either up to cadence in crystal palace for the tdf or watch it at home

well use your fricking imagination!!! jesus h. christ

I’ll let you know in 16 minutes bae xx

go to bed