If you could move abroad to work for 3-6 months where would you go?

Looking for somewhere to move to from around March/April-September next year.

Budget is max £1000 pm on rent, and ideally not too many other expenses.

Main language has to be English or French. Decent public services and stuff probably a good idea.

I have a steady enough income so wouldn’t need to find a job.

Ideally it would be somewhere really beautiful with amazing people who want to be my friends.

I keeping thinking Buenos Aires but my Spanish isn’t good at all.

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What do you mean by main language? just get by or working language?


probably working language

I reckon I could live in like Berlin or Lisbon and be fine

I want to be able to really live in the place, meet people, get the most out of it so not have a massive language barrier

I mean it would be tough but I’d just have to survive I guess :pensive:



South of?

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do you like hot weather? berlin and lisbon are both going to be very warm in summer

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Get a Babel Fish in your ear.

I do not like very hot weather, but I love warm weather

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This is why Melbourne is a great choice.

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actually thinking Paris lol

The big cities in the Netherlands you can get by with just English, plus canals and stuff. I don’t know about living expenses, though, it’s been a long time since I was there.

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Reckon I could easily live in Lisbon if I had to.


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I’d like to do this and go to Greece or Mexico. This doesn’t help you. And I’ll never do it.

Go for it if that’s your first instinct. 6 months in Paris - you’ll have loads of adventures.

Big difference being able to speak the language well in terms of making friendships quickly and just less stress with dealing with boring practicalities.

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Would love to live and work in Berlin and, as people have already mentioned, not being fluent in German wouldn’t be that much of a barrier.

Likewise when I lived and worked in Israel being able not to speak any language other than English was not a barrier unless you spoke to the older generation - Hebrew speakers - or first generation Russians and Ukrainians.

My on off partner is a regular polyglot and has lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Spain and China. Being able to speak other languages certainly does open up many opportunities and avenues to live and experience a different life.

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I haven’t used French for a couple of years now so will need to brush up but I’ll be around B1ish I think so will be able to use it and improve when there.

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Renting is pretty competitive and pricey here. €1000pm is ok if you want to share on the outskirts of one of the bigger cities (which is not a huge deal because cycling culture and none of the cities are that big), but not if you’re looking for a place of your own.

Language-wise, only speaking English is fine for any city / larger town in NL.

That’s gonna be trés difficile