If you could only listen to one artist's output for each decade

for the rest of your life, who would you go for

1960s - Burt Bacharach
1970s - Plastic Bertrand

i’ve got julia holter for 2010s what’s everyone else got?

2010s - Kendrick
2000s - Torn between Kanye & Sufjan
1990s - Nick Cave
1980s`- Talking Heads
1970s - Bowie
1960s - Dylan

Assuming this gives EPs, mixtapes, live albums etc.

1990s - The Smashing Pumpkins
2000s - Radiohead
2010s - The Antlers

2010s was definitely the hardest, almost went with The National or Titus Andronicus or The Hotelier. But Burst Apart pushed them over the top.

Still need to become more familiar with 80s and prior to give a real answer.

only one i’m really sure of is:

1970s - Neil Young

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60s - Beach Boys
70s - Joni Mitchell (/Bowie / Sparks)
80s - Feelies
90s - Outkast (/Pavement / Vic Chesnutt)
00s - Kanye
10s - Julia Holter

60s - Beatles
70s - elvis costello /squeeze
80s - madonna
90s - weezer /pumpkins
00s - blood brothers
10s - fucked up

60s - who cares it’s overrated
70s - springsteen
80s - kraftwerk
90s - maybe elliott smith
2000s - sun kil moon
2010s - sun kil moon

1960s Velvet Underground
1970s Pink Floyd
1980s REM
1990s Aphex Twin
2000s Radiohead
2010s Arcade Fire

Oh I get it now!

1960s - Miles Davis
1970s - Grateful Dead
1980s - Julian Cope
1990s - Radiohead
2000s - Boards of Canada
2010s - Animal Collective

Arsehole answers.

60s - bob dylan
70s - kraftwerk
80s - sonic youth
90s - Fugazi
00s - sufjan stevens
10s - tiger crew

1950s - Miles Davis
1960s - Bob Dylan
1970s - David Bowie
1980s - Joy Division/New Order (bit of a cheat)
1990s - Aphex Twin
2000s - MF Doom (all projects and aliases)
2010s - Joanna Newsom

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50s - Bernard Herrmann
60s - Ennio Morricone
70s - Al Green
80s - R.E.M.
90s - Elliott Smith
00s - Electrelane
10s - Julia Holter

60’s Bob Dylan
70’s Pink Floyd
80’s Talk Talk
90’s Nirvana
00’s Radiohead
10’s Swans

30s Duke Ellington
40s Charlie Parker
50s Howlin’ Wolf
60s The Beatles
70s Brian Eno
80s Morrissey (Inc. The Smiths)
90s Cardiacs
00s Radiohead

60s Velvet Underground
70s Neil Young
80s Go-Betweens
90s Nick Cave
00s Spoon
10s Joanna Newsom

Not as difficult as I thought… 70’s the hardest to call by far.
Can, Bowie, Iggy/Stooges, Stevie Wonder all worth consideration.

Good thread!

50’s - Miles Davis
60’s - Bob Dylan
70’s - Bowie
80’s - Pixies
90’s - Weezer (or Pavement)
00’s - Brand New
10s - Kendrick (or all the Burial EP’s)

60s - Dylan
70s - Neil Young
80s - Talking Heads
90s - Yo la Tengo
00s - Radiohead
10s - Nils Frahm

v hard

60’s - beatles
70’s - can’t decide between kraftwerk or bowie
80’s Bernard sumner (thus getting me both versions of substance, closer & still from jd & prime era new order)
90’s the fall
then it gets v hard
2000’s would say the national as someone mentioned up thread, but that gives you the 1st four albums only
spoon is a v good shout but think i’ll go with Low
10’s - well let’s wait & see on that one