If you could only watch one YouTube channel for the rest of time

Which would it be?

Honestly think it would FailArmy or something like it for me (would obviously want to look around to see if there’s something similar but better if I can only have one)

I know it’s just You’ve Been Framed for millennials, but people falling over is funny to me.

didn’t know it had channels. Only really use it to listen to music I can’t get on Deezer

I am very old.


“Fail” videos that aren’t funny: ones where someone’s messed up a skateboarding trick or whatever but not in an amusing way involving their groin or anything, just one of the dozens of attempts that it takes to get something like that right.

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I’d have to narrow it down to my favourite ASMRtist

Gonna go listen to some MDC now

Might make a channel of ASMR audio descriptions of fail videos.


Lofi Beats to Study To


I’d be happy just watching the ‘succulent Chinese meal’ vid on an infinite loop


this one, without doubt

Binging with Babish

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Probably one of the Let’s Play/Achievement Hunter channels because they’re good dudes and I like seeing them play Gmod loads.

Ramsays hell’s kitchen channel


Ramsays kitchen knightmares channel


That guy who does little documentaries about video game speed runs. Something weirdly soothing about them.

Or that guy who’s trying to cross Wales in a straight line from the Great Things thread. I ended up watching 30 mins of his normal videos that autoplayed afterwards (playing the GeoGuessing game) and it was also weirdly calming.

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WhatCulture Gaming (cause I’m basic)

Probably just stick with the BBC one. I like my content to be ofcom-regulated.

How do you even know where to start with finding good YouTube channels? Unless I’m looking for something specific it just looks like a big mess

this or Ask a Mortician