If you could read minds how would you use it? (Polls)

Sometimes when I’m doing a spot of Thursday fantasising in a completely inappropriate setting (work meeting, sat at office desk doing mundane task, work disciplinary hearing, etc) I’ll suddenly be struck by the notion that someone in the room could be reading my mind right at that moment and what might the consequences of that be and oh god can the ground please open up and swallow me now I can feel myself blushing oh crap oh crap oh crap.

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I think one of the best things about being able to read minds would be knowing what other people are thinking


Probably the only notable thing about reading minds, in fairness.

Also, I think one of the worst things about being able to read minds would be knowing what other people are thinking.

I think that would be the worst thing.

Please refer to my post about “I think one of the worst things about being able to read minds would be knowing what other people are thinking.”

Sometimes when one of my loved ones is feeling down I do wish they could read my mind for a minute just to see how much I love them and how awesome I truly think they are, though.


Please accept my apologies Ant, I had not read further than the post I replied to at the point that I replied.

Would that sentence be more comprehensible the other way around?
Honestly losing the ability to talk over here.

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I think it might make being lonely even worse if you got used to having a bunch of other people’s thoughts too

maybe if it was a mutual thing you’d lose your sense of self as it would be impossible to know where the thought originated or who had “ownership” over it. Might bring about supreme peace and happiness

Oh, please don’t ever apologise to me for ANYTHING. You have never done anything to warrant an apology in your life.


that’s why every so often I’ll think of a jump scare and check to see if anyone flinches

can’t be too careful


wouldn’t want it cos of that episode of buffy

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Oh Ant :heart: You are such a lovely man.
I definitely have though! :upside_down_face:

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Nope, not one single thing.

what about people who don’t have inner monologues?

would it just be like seeing Matrix code?

I wonder what marckee is thinking right now

i would read their minds and prove once and for all that they actually do have inner monologues

  • You can hear people’s inner monologues, leaving open the possibility that you could get into a psychic argument/battle of will with them as you were doing it
  • You just get the gist, or a strong impression, of whatever their conscious or subconscious is doing at that moment, kinda like being able to read body language/facial expressions but times a million
  • You can actively harvest any information from their brain or memory at will, kind of like Bran from Game of Thrones

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