If you could read minds how would you use it? (Polls)

I want to find out what pets have named me.


My brain is a terrible place, I don’t doubt that lots of other people’s are too. I would not want to read them any more than I’d be happy knowing someone could read mine. Anyone who has this talent has my deepest sympathies.

Ask me on another day and I’ll probably say something completely different

:joy: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:.

Yeah bang into this, I want the works please.

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If I did it at chess I probably wouldn’t really understand anyway and still lose.


My first thought was using it to bring down Boris Johnson and the Tories as a whole, then somehow bring about the dismantling of capitalism, and then I’d become pure rich but what does that even mean in the post-scarcity communist utopia I’ve created?

Also I have this thing at the minute where I’m convinced everybody hates me all the time so mind reading would either just confirm what I already know or I’d be pleasantly surprised.