If you could track



ONE DiSer using @Jeremys_Iron’s creepy wife-stalking app…who would it be and why?


DiSclosure: i meant to make this thread ages ago when it was still topical.


Had a garlic infused salmon, tenderstem brocolli and puy lentils with black olives and sun-dried tomatoes on the table for when she got in last night. Now you ask me, is that creepy?


How do you know where she lives, you creepy fuck?


We’ve still got a few candles kicking about from our wedding would you believe so I made sure a couple of those were on.


Probably one of the cycle braggers to see if they actually cycle as far as they say they do.




:smile: can I have a link to the post about the wife stalking app, I briefly saw it but got distracted


the three lads on the left look well cheeky.


I didn’t realise the cover photo had been updated. I am none of those 2-wheeled DiSers. Look at @japes though, what a scamp!


said this before, but warny is the real hero here, in his shorts and t.