If you could

Take a pill which forever made your farts smell like citrus fruits BUT made them 12 times louder, would you take it?

  • I would
  • I would not
  • I am not sure

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leaning towards yes

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If you were to take this do you think it’d put you off citrus fruits such as oranges and other citrus fruits?

  • I do
  • I do not
  • I am undecided

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You’re brave and that is why I admire you

12 times is a lot
not worth it imo

yeah, maybe i’m underestimating how loud 12x is

like it’ll start shaking the walls and blowing up glasses


Where would you draw the line and say is a reasonable amount to consider taking it?



I got a permanent ban from a Yahoo group years ago for posting that link.

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an operation which means you now only need to piss once a month, however it takes about 2 hours

  • yes please
  • no thanks
  • dunno

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Would it be widely available? If so we could all take it and it might be a positive thing for us as a society.

I would change my stance on the public toilets thread for starters

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Imagine your need to pee came along at a point where you’re nowhere near any available public toilets. You’d just have to stand there (or squat if you’re a lady - I’ve seen it happen, in Finland), and just let it flow, right there on the street, maybe in a gutter, next to a drain, if you’re not a complete asshole.

That’s already the case

A special pill that makes your tastebuds super sensitive and food taste incredible, but you also have to gain the smelling super powers of a dog

  • Mate that’s win-win
  • No smells are mostly gross
  • I don’t think the taste thing would even be that good
  • Undecided

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In certain towns, I guess. Not in leafy, middle class Crouch End, though.

I’d nudge that down to 1.68x

I think if this fart pill did exist the amount of people spiking other folks as a prank would be rife. Everyone would end up with absolute bum trumpets


Amazed that @rich-t is the only non-coward out of the lot of us