If you did your A Levels again right now

How would you do, do you reckon?

My guess is

Maths - A* (is A* a thing in A Levels?)
Further Maths - C
Physics - C
Chemistry - Dismal fail

So you mean resit the whole course from the beginning or just the exam?

Bloody English.

Just sit the exam cold. But you are allowed the odd piss break.

same courses as you there m9, still in physics, so should still get A* on the maths and physics, maybe an E in chemistry if lucky

This. I might just remember a bit of maths, and could probably bluff some economics, but I’d probably fail physics. I did computer science too - would I be taking the 1992 syllabus or the 2015 one?

Yeah I’d have to wing physics on the basis of being able to work it out from scratch. Loads of shit I’ve forgotten there, that I’d be hopeless at.

your choice

English- probably blast an A at that shit, I was the king
History- could easily get an A*. In my last A level history exam I just made up quotes from historians. Should have done that the whole time. I think my knowledge of the 1916 rising is still up to scratch
Politics- Should get a dece mark, i’d go an A

I did drama but was shit at the exams. fuckin 78/80 in my practical. Must make me one of the best actors ever if I can do that

reckon you can get 70% just from knowing how to do dimensional analysis really

Think people are wildly overestimating themselves tbh…

English - D/Fail
Maths - Fail
Biology - C
Chemistry- D/Fail
Geography - D

IF I had a week each to revise for them then I’d change that to:

English - C/D
Maths - D/Fail
Biology - A*
Chemistry - C/D
Geography - C/D

I would fail them all, only way I could pass exams was to anticipate the questions (very easy by looking at past papers) in advance, write out full answers and then memorise them

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Fair point. I seem to remember when I did it then almost half the overall mark was on a multiple choice paper. Got to hope I could rack up a passing grade with that.

I would probably write in the sociology at length about how I had never heard or seen anyone refer to ‘functionalists’ since so why did they waste my time with this

Highers (because not everyone is English):

English - don’t remember what the exam was like. If it was grammar and interpretation of a text, A. If I had to remember stuff about particular works, 0 marks for that bit.

Maths - probably fail it tbh. My maths teacher was awful and thick and didn’t understand maths so taught you how to answer questions by rote but not any of the principles.

Physics - can’t remember the formulae but can remember principles. Think I could scrape a C if I’m lucky.

Biology - A, piece of piss subject at that level

Chemistry - disqualified for being a professional

Maths - definite fail, couldn’t pass it the first time round after two years of study so assume I’ve only become stupider since then.

Philosophy was an easy blag anyway, could probably pass with the occasional Wikipedia break.

Psychology I could pass if I was sitting the same exam again, but not if there was anything new in it.

IT was all coursework, and therefore meaningless.

I’m absolutely confident I would fail chemistry (I got a D in the first place). I’m also pretty confident I would annihilate the maths paper, since in a bored moment at work a couple of years back I pulled up a recent past paper and knocked it off easily in an hour odd. Like I said upthread, I think I might wing a reasonable pass in the other two based on muscle memory and an ability to derive things from scratch, but could easily be badly mistaken there.


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I don’t think I’d bother. Would be a waste of time.

Alright Pink Floyd