If you found £120 in cash


On the Overground (or similar metro service), WWYD?

More details - you spotted it after a tradesman of some sort got of the train and it was left where he sat. You picked it up and got off at the next station, and tried to hand it into the desk - but because the person who you suspected it belonged to didn’t get off at that station, they wouldn’t take it. So:

  • Keep it
  • Hand it into the cops
  • Do some social media thing

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100% keep it. tough break for whoever lost it, but that’s life innit


Hand it in to the cops because I was raised correctly/am not a Tory.


Probably keep it. Would feel quite guilty about it/sorry for whoever has lost it, but there’s minimal chance of finding the actual owner of it, so them’s the breaks.

If you are that wracked with guilt about it, give it to charity.


suppose you could donate say half to charity, to ease your conscience and sleep well that night


They already have plenty of money for their Xmas party from speed awareness courses and that - if you are going to offload it, give it to charity at least.


I’ve handed in expensive lost property to the police before, and I’d do it again.


Seriously have a word with yourself if you’d keep it. You have no idea what that £120 is worth to the person who lost it (yeah, £120, haha!).

If you don’t make some attempt to get it back to them, unless that money is going to keep you from starving then you’re basically a solid gold cunt.


Can someone just ban @Epimer and his morals.

Are you not part of our selfish generation?


Guys, I am a tradesman and I left £120 on some sort of train yesterday please can you pop round with it in a bit cheers


Notes or coins?


woah! easy there man


i’d probably make some attempt to go back to the station they got off at and have a look about, see if i could see them, etc. think any notion of handing it and hoping it will be returned is pretty much pointless.


Hand it in at the station. Why would you take it to the police?


Slowly work the £1 accy thread and then when you see the person again in 6 weeks time on the same commute hand them their half of the £14k winnings so far


Hand it in to the police. The tradesman has then got 28 days to claim it; after which, you can claim it as yours. (My friend did a similar sort of thing after finding a load of money scattered in a car park).

It’s a win:win - if the tradesman collects it, he gets his money back and is thankful for genuine people like you; if he doesn’t collect it, he’s obviously just written it off as back luck and you get to keep £120.


I’d probably intend to hand it in but not actually get around to it, so it would just sit there on the side for ages like all the mail that’s come to the wrong address that I’ve been meaning to repost


Additional: I’ve left a fucktonne of stuff on trains in the past: phones, bike helmets, season tickets, etc. I am so absent-minded it’s embarrassing. I’m always exceptionally grateful that someone’s not just pocketed it for themselves.


TfL will have lost property, if I left a bag full of money on a tube that would be the first place I’d ask


I’d probably try to find them. Or failing that, i’d go to their bank if they had a bank card.

I might go as far as deposit the cash into their bank then hand their card in.