If you gathered up all the nails you've trimmed in your lifetime

it would be enough to fill a

  • shoe
  • stocking
  • pillow
  • bathtub
  • house

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I used to hate cutting the kids nails when they were little, so stressful

Although the kids all told me recently that I did it best and it hurt when my ex/ their mum did it and I’m not gonna lie I enjoyed that moment :grinning:


Hi Bam, I have this thought a lot. Like more than 10 times a day. Not about nail clippings, but most things. I will look at something and think, wonder how many streets all of that particular thing in the world would take up?

Often it’s spiders. I think, what if all the spiders in the world just magically appeared right now in my house? Bursting out the doors and windows, around the neighbouring streets. Just scrambling on top of one another to get out into the world.

This is why I don’t sleep at night.


Thanks, I hate it

it’d be fuckin minging mate

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I’d be part-way to making my own Wasp Factory.

Apparently your nails grow at 0.1mm per day, so if you’re 30 years old that’s just over a metre in your lifetime. Take a bit off for when you’re young or whatever.

A metre long nail would be kinda gross

It’d fit pretty neatly into a stocking with the other 9 though.

It’s chat up lines like this one that have kept me single for 15 years.

I didn’t even get it :woman_shrugging:

reckon there’s enough spiders to fill a small country like maybe Wales

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