If you had £30 to spend at John Lewis

What would you buy?

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A really nice, soft scarf I reckon. Probably wouldn’t be enough money would it


A sieve or maybe pillow case

desperately need a meat tenderiser and a salt pig but they’re on my Christmas list.

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Actually have a £75 Johnny Lew voucher (thanks, broadband) and not sure what to buy with it, so this is hopefully a very timely and useful thread

Take it to Waitrose and buy booze.

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Some nice cheese

Some kiehls moisturiser

well, i’d put it towards it

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I don’t really know what john lewis sells sorry

A fancy mug or two. Maybe just one with their prices.

You might be able to use it at Waitrose as well if you wanted to put it towards your food shopping

I’m not great with using vouchers to buy myself a treat, I always end up spending them on something boring that I already needed. If I was going to get a treat though I might get some scented candles or something like that

something to calm me down

A £30 candle to see if they’re any good

I usually end up spending them on a present for someone else :upside_down_face:
Was inordinately proud of myself for using my Waterstones voucher earlier this year :sunglasses:

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something le creuset

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Half of another Dunlopillo


Christmas present for me mam


It’s deffo a browse and buy shop rather than going there for something specific.

So you’re shit outta luck after closing today