If you had a mug of instant coffee and a mug of Monster energy drink

The instant coffee mug has the most caffeine in. Bet you didn’t expect that did you.


I find those massive energy drinks really weird. Could probably get proper addicted to them if I tried them though. I used to work with a guy whose diet seemed to be just cans of Monster and he was the illest looking person I have ever known.


that sounds about right


The sugar and other stuff is the more important part of the energy drink though, right?

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Not really. Vitamin B wont add much in terms of energy unless you’re lacking vitamin b in your diet, Taurine does basically bugger all and the fat burner they have in there is in too low a dose to do anything. It’s all down to caffiene

I am a fan of Monster Ultra drinks though, I think they taste good. But stopped drinking em since cutting down on caffiene

Where you getting these mugs of Monster from?

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my pal spilled some in his car but he was really late for work so didn’t clean it and just left it out in the sun and when he eventually got back to it jesus christ the smell


Because I’m inarticulate this is my way of saying that instant coffee has more caffeine per gram than energy drinks.

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Coffee brewed for three minutes in a cafetière has a higher caffeine content by volume than espresso

My colleague had four coffees in spoons before work, a coffee in the afternoon and a caffeine tablet.


I think I might be most disgusted by the idea of spending that long in Weatherspoons to be honest…


Is that 100 grams of dried coffee or 100 grams of coffee?

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The Monster Mug Store



Monster stinks and I feel like the design of the can intentionally gives off the vibe that it’s really not something you should drink.


The most ‘normal’ brands on here are about 50-60mg

Caffeine informer is a good name for a website.

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I had a Monster a couple of weeks back. Didn’t enjoy it. Got suckered in by the big can thing didn’t I.