If you had a PA for your general life or your job

Do you think it’d change much? Where would you save time? What can they do that you’re unable to?

I am not questioning the importance of the job btw more just interested in how different people would benefit from having one

They could post here for me, struggling to find time for it lately.


I think it would be a waste of both our time mainly spent thinking up things for them to do.


thing is, work wise, when I have had to delegate stuff to people it takes me so long to explain something/do to my standards that I am better off doing it myself.
If it was just life stuff like put a wash on, empty dishwasher, clothe children then It would be handy but too weird

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Can they do cleaning and get my lunch and stuff?
If so that’d be great.
If it’s just to organise my work stuff that’s not worth it.

General life please:

  • do my tax returns
  • pay my bills
  • sort my Gmail account out
    That sort of thing

it’d go something like the convo with my brain already does

- you need to do this, this and this today
- you’re right but i probably wont, though
- …ok


As an extremely important business person in the world of business: nah, no need or want for one.

If it was a sort of clone of me who didn’t mind doing all the stuff I wanted doing the way I wanted it done (I’m a deeply fussy little person when it comes to certain things) it’d probably be nice. Otherwise I’d just waste too much time explaining things/finding stuff for them to do.

During the long running house buying process of the pat four or so months I have often thought it would be ideal to have someone to manage it all on my behalf. They can explain stuff to me in plain English, tell me what to sign, when I need to do stuff etc. Reckon their must be a market for that kind of admin person.

Feel like a lot of men’s wives just end up doing all their admin for them

Yeah I’d like it though

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I have an assistant who I share with 2 other people.
Before COVID it was quite handy as they did do a good amount of travel organisation and booking and things. Now they have a broader role as everyone is remote and so they’ve taken on new responsibilities, like helping HR with virtual interviews and things. They do a great job is organising contracts and administrative things but I don’t give them email access (they have my diary). I think proper ‘PAs’ don’t really exist in my industry so much, instead you have a pool of administrators who are assigned groups of directors and VPs who they support.

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Not really enough for them to do, I think, although it would be nice to have someone to do all that tedious life admin stuff I never have time/can’t be arsed doing, like checking if I’m on the best electricity tariff or whatever. That’s hardly a full time job, though.

As someone mentioned above, a cleaner/gardener/handy person would be more helpful.


I really could do with someone to sort out all the digital stuff (music, photos, videos etc) that’s spread across various hard drives, USBs & old laptops

If they could also sort out all the physical stuff in the basement and all the clothes I hardly wear any more and take them to a charity shop/recycling that would be grand

Also, my studio needs tidying and a bit of refitting …and how are they with soldering/electronics? A couple of things need some servicing and one or two of the guitars could do with the intonation and action sorting

Then I’ve got some prints that need framing

…wouldn’t mind a cup of tea either

Life must have been fucking tidy for the upper classes with valets and assorted staff eh?

would rathe just be super rich so I don’t have to work

I’m a pretty efficient admin, but there’s generally not enough time within my 37 hours a week contract to get all of it done. So I find myself working well over my weekly hours and/or letting silly mistakes creep in. So an admin would be brilliant - to send application outcomes, to write good letters, produce reports etc etc.

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For my personal life: god yes please do all my life admin for me

For work: not needed. I have someone I’m supposed to delegate repetitive work to but he’s not a PA. I don’t have anywhere near enough admin stuff or a busy enough diary to need one.

It would stress me out finding them stuff to do all the time (even though there is loads they could do) so I think the anxiety would outweigh the convenience tbh

Right now, they could be sitting in this presentation I’m watching and bond and get me when they get to the point they’re not just repeating a section that they did at the start of the last meeting.

Would pay somebody a couple of hundred quid to sort out faster internet for me. Is that a PA?