If you had a weekly column in a national newspaper

what would your column be about this week?

Mine would be an amusing riff on “its’s been a bad week for the Beatles” what with Quincey Jones being unkind about them, and then loads of misleading headlines implying that Paul and Ringo are in Isis or something.

How excited I am about the new cards that have been released for my favourite Netrunner character.

I think it would be extremely popular.



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I like it - you could riff on the whole vibe, cake in village halls, old men on tourers, eating Peperamis on garage forecourts

It would be, like every single week, about people who park in parent and child spaces when they’ve either got no kids with them but have car seats, they sit in the car with their kids when their partner runs in, or they have no kids seats in the car at all.