If you had a Wikipedia page about you....

Would you like there to be a ‘controversy’ section?

  • Yes
  • No

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the controversy is that i am an outspoken leftie who’s always right :sunglasses:

Ooh if I was a politician that would be my slogan!


The section where there’s riots in the streets between two factions who can’t agree whether it’s my good looks or sparkling intellect which makes me the hero I am? Oh, if I must.

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Yeah if anyone ever offered me a bribe I’d take it immediately

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Mainly for playing football on the queen’s grave, I’d imagine


The most underrated cool section to have on yr Wikipedia page?

Gotta be ‘Artistry’

and the picture should be me holding my producer credit for the 1 Second Film whatever the fuck that is

I would like for my death to have its own page.

‘Impact’ for me, though my section would be very slight

That would be rad though;

Left the world largely undisturbed.