If you had access to a parallel universe would you want to meet yourself?

Watching Counterpart which is a TV show about a parallel universe in Berlin where a guy meets his ‘other’ with same but different wife/life etc. Pretty good.

Anyway, I said I’d like to meet myself because it’d be super cool. MrS was like no way, too odd.

Would you? Why , why not? Reckon you’re the good or bad version of yourself?

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You mean fuck yourself right?

Meet? No.

But fuck? Also no.

sets up tap-in

  • Meet
  • Meat
  • Either
  • Neither

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I meant meet.

MrS then thought of the other benefits but I was thinking more of going on a lovely walk and talk with myself tbh.

in a parallel world in which that’s not an insult

I think I’m the good version of myself but what if I met the other version and it turned out I was actually the bad version of myself? Would be pretty grim.

I’d like to look at myself from afar because I’m incredibly handsome and it would be a treat for the eyes but I have mirrors in my house for such onanistic perving.


Ah gotcha :wink:

If he was thin I’d kick his fucking nuts clean off.


I’d put my willy in alternate me’s bum and mouth, then put alternate me’s willy in my bum and mouth


Read that as lick and lost it a bit


I used to big into self loathing so I’d have probably have said no but now I actually think it’d be quite fun to pop for a pint with myself. We share all the same interests, we like the same drinks so it’ll be a nice even rounds, there’ll be no debates about what to stick on the jukebox and I have a terrible memory so I could probably amuse myself with a few anecdotes. If I could take a trip to the universe where I’m even more shit at pool that’d be a nice bonus.


Would probably be a fairly good form of therapy.

he’d be a bad conversationalist

if it was strictly no chat then maybe

I’d probably end up going to the pub with me for a few pints.

Oh god, what if other me liked Fosters?

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would be interested to meet the version of me who didn’t make the wrong decision at every fork

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Alright Miranda July

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I saw a film once in which a kid signed up to a dating website and wrote on the site that he wanted to do this. I don’t remember anything else about the film but I do remember that it really wasn’t as weird or kinky as it might sound.

Oh god no, I’m fucking unbearable. The best part of being me is that I don’t have to be around me.