If you had to chuck quite a bit of money down on a roulette wheel, would you go red or black?

  • red
  • black

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feel free to vote, but not necessarily talk about your reasoning

I think @elthamsmateowen has more experience at this than most

green for me

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green. go big or go home.

Voted red, but would switch to black between the ball being placed on the wheel and the dealer saying “no more bets”.

Err guys - the answer is obviously the opposite of whatever colour came up the previous time. Does probability mean nothing to you people?



The few times I’ve played roulette I always go with red and shirt numbers of my favourite footballers at the time

Always get drawn to the central line of numbers - 11, 14, 17, 20, 23.

Which numbers currently?

Would definitely be chucking a red 19 down, probably a red 3, 21 and 8 as well.

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12 - Brighton’s second-choice 'keeper Niki Mäenpää

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tbh I’d split the money down the middle and cover two-thirds of the table for a better chance of winning.

edit: yeah yeah it’s not technically 2/3 because of the zero, blah blah blah

Would be quite distrustful of anyone who doesn’t answer red tbh.

Ughhhh :confused:

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