If you had to do a TED talk in an hour's time what would you do it on?>




I’d either pick one of my most boring anec-dotes and just tell it, or I’d talk about communities and renewable energy/the inevitable wipe out of humans in our lifetime


Why TED talks are shit pseudo-education for cunts.


haha just realised it’s impossible to see the wipe-out of the human race in one’s lifetime


i’d do a big ranking of all the people i can think of called ted.

  1. Super


wing it doing one of those ‘inspiring’ ones where people just talk about how they’ve overcome adversity.


Roosevelt > Father > Danson > Hughes > Sherringham > Cruz


nugent and cruz battling it out for bottom, i reckon. unless i can think of a worse ted in the next hour!

in a crass act of nepotism, i’d put my late grandfather in at #1. solid gold legend, that guy.


“what the contents of your pockets say about you”

then i’d convince all the muppets in the audience to hand over their wallets


more, for your consideration
that fucking bear


I’d do one on narratives, I think.


Women in Countdown


I’d probably do JJ Abrams one about the mystery box


I’d talk about migraines, with a story about how my mum used to tell me elaborate stories about pink clouds to take my mind off the pain, and how that proves the power or, or demonstrates the importance of, escapism.

Or something.


on how shit TED is.


Popular things that DISsers like.



I’d read the “I’m an office worker!” thread from the old board from start to finish.