If you had to eat a human who would you choose?


Hayley Joel Osment for me


One of the vegetarians probably


Are we cooking person or just getting stuck in?


Whatever you fancy really?


eddie hall


Someone chubby but not too fat and who leads a pretty easy life.

Not myself though.


The Queen


bit minging, she’s been dead since christmas


Would secure a place in the history books though eh


How much of them do you have to eat?


wonder if she would taste like swans


This is another part of my thinking in all honesty, reckon a lifetime of chowing down on swan has made her meat quite tender


One thigh and a bum cheek


Someone fleshy but not riddled with fat I never liked marbled meat


Maybe I’d do a Turducken type thing. Tom Cruise inside Midge Ure inside Jon Goodman. Something like that.


Non smoker ideally. Was talking about this the other day actually, I would not hesitate to eat a person if it meant surviving. Don’t know what this says about me


David Cameron


i’ve never heard it called Turducken but i know what you’re talking about


I’m lead to believe he tastes a bit like pork.


*Christmas 1993