If you had to give up rice or pasta, which would it be?

N.B. asian- style noodles are NOT pasta, but if you’re caught trying to game the system by having instant noodle carbonara then you’ll be made to give up both rice and pasta forever.

I would rather give up

  • Rice
  • Pasta

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At first I thought this was a no-brainer, but then I remembered burritos.

feel like i’m yet to fully explore rice



Also important to remember that pasta is never any better than fine.

Neither are good, so both is fine. At a push I’d say rice.

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Rice is only ever better than pasta in a curry scenario. In a curry scenario I would cope just having naan and the curry itself.


I was going to share my foolproof rice cooking method with you but you’ve blown it.

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stop cheating

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Enjoy having spaghetti in your burrito at Reading


I need my lasagne


Yeah, I often do that anyway. Means you can eat more curry.

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this is fucking hard but pasta is about 60% of my diet so

Make it with parboiled leek sheets instead, it’s practically indistinguishable.

it isn’t, it’s fucking terrible, and I’m still angry at the hairy bikers for tricking me into trying it


I don’t eat burritos that often. There would be a minimal impact on my life if someone said I could never have another one.

They got me too!!

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We should form a support group. Or send them loads of leeks in the post as a nuisance. Or both.

Rice is only ever fine. Pasta can be magnificent.

Also, a good lasagne is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures

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Yeah but can it, though? It’s just a sauce delivery device.

Lasagna is good though, that’s about the only thing that makes this a thinker.

They must be pissing themselves all the way to the ridiculous publishing deal bloated bank vaults

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