If you had to give up rice or pasta, which would it be?

Better than curry + rice IMO

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someone’s eating shit pasta


Orzo’s bullshit and you know it

I thought it was the squid ink stuff

Can’t have a pasta pudding either, can you

Not for me, thank you


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reckon rice rewards good cooking more than pasta but i am lazy so sticking with pasta if that’s ok

Can just have gnocchi with your shitheap tomato-based sauce instead.

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wouldn’t wanna eat gnocchi when it’s warm out

Would you drink Lilt if it was raining?


I don’t really get the whole changing what you eat based on the outside temperature thing but I appreciate that it’s me who’s the odd one out in this.

on your wedding day?


probably not
I mainly drink ginger beer in winter and ginger ale in summer. coke and water all year round


My friend got a ginger beer at the gig I went to on Monday, I was surprised that it was available as an option.

On the one hand, action man bowties and on the other hand that fucking caramelised onion rice I’m always banging on about.

Lilt only happens when its raining.

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If I give up pasta can I still cook it for other people? (i.e. my son)

Probably wouldn’t get by without some easy pasta dishes for R, bit I would happily ditch it myself to keep rice (mostly for the Japnese stuff :drooling_face:)

It’s my go-to non-alcoholic pub drink when I’m worried that having another soda and lime might tip me over the edge