If you had to go on a dating tv show what would it be

  • First Dates
  • Take Me Out
  • Blind Date
  • Dinner Date
  • Naked Attraction
  • Other (please specify)

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Blind Date for me. The others would be too awkward and Blind Date is so obviously scripted you could hide behind that. Plus you get a week in the Isle of Man or aomewhere for your troubles if you win

What’s the difference? Other than Naked Attraction.

Playing it straight

First Dates, at least it’d be over quickly. Plus some mates work on it.

Or three’s a crowd. What a concept!




It’d be quite nice to be one of the people asked out by the main contestant on StreetMate, I think.

Reckon my shins would win anyone over on Naked Attraction.

Imagine. You’ve gone on the show. You’ve got your kit off. You’ve been slowly revealed like a fleshy Bullseye prize to the British nation. Your face is finally revealed and the girl/guy/whatever your preference is is totally not your type.

Worth it?

" fleshy Bullseye prize


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apparently thats coming back

Time Team


scrap these, it’d be this

‘Come and have a look what you could’ve won… oh wait; you’ve seen pretty much everything already’

Yeah, hosted by Scarlet Moffat from Gogglebox.

less annoying than Davina McCall I guess


i dunno what dinner dates is but it sounds like i’d get something to eat anyways

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First Dates

Get dinner

Meet Fred :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


how does this naked attraction show work? is it sexy?