If you had to keep wearing what you're wearing right now

How long do you think it’d be before someone commented?


  • you’re allowed to change into nightwear at night-time;
  • you’re allowed to own more than one of what you’re wearing at present (so if you’re currently wearing a grey M&S shirt, you can buy as many grey M&S shirts as you like, provided they’re the exact same size and style).

I reckon I’d be okay for the whole of this week - I’m looking pretty non-descript. Someone would comment at the weekend, though.

probably a while, because my clothes are probably all quite similar, dark colours etc

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At least a month.

Would get some funny looks at the gym, but could probably make it to the weekend aside from that.

haven’t quite got a cartoon wardrobe though

Oh yeah. Might look a bit odd running home or playing hockey in my work clothes.

If I play football tomorrow I’d be a laughing stock obviously, but if I don’t then I reckon I could make it to Thursday before the wife commented, probably about 5 or 6 weeks for anyone else.

At work? Forever or until I had to go to a suit event… so two weeks.

Everyday life? I would be sprung within half an hour of getting home.

You’ve got a washing machine though

I have, how did you know?

Grey hoodie, black jeans, check shirt. Pretty much what I wear every day anyway so probably a month or so. Husband would notice within about a week I guess.

Although I am wearing my IKEA slippers that look like huge oven gloves so as long I didn’t have to go outside I’d be fine

2 days

Normally I could go a week or so, I reckon. But today is a stripey shirt/blue trouser combo that’s a bit more distinctive than usual, so I’d likely get a comment by day three.

Mrs HYG would comment, I don’t think anyone in my office would pick up on it for a couple of weeks at least. Even then I can’t imagine they’d say anything, it’s a fairly innocuous black jeans / grey jumper combo.

I am in my pyjamas and have no shoes or socks on, so as soon as I left the house I imagine.