If you had to live in a UK town/city you don't at the moment


I’d go to Manchester
lol j/k, Bristol probably



Bristol or Glasgow.




south side of glasgow




Either Glasgow or London. Spend a good bit of time in Glasgow anyway going to gigs and shit, really like it. Have a good gang of friends here though, don’t wanna leave that. London I think I’d like to try for a few years at least, always enjoy visits there as well


hebden bridge, so I could still commute to work :confused:


Back to Sheffield. I miss Sheffield.

If I had to choose somewhere I’ve never lived I’d go with Bristol.




You could become a patent examiner and we could become mortal enemies. It’d be great.


Definitely Manchester, think I’d probably move there if I lost my current job






Some sleepy town on the coast of Cornwall


Only place I’ve ever been mugged


My mate got his leather jacket stolen from him in Birkenhead.

Never go north of Oxford


Brighton maybe*

*I might be moving to brighton late next year. House prices are p.silly out there eh? Like not London silly, but I was expecting a lil bit better than it is.


can I tell you a secret, the silliest Londoners move to Brighton to be Lord Sillies when they return


But seriously, probably Bristol. Odd but nice city.


Plus you could commute to the patent office from there.