If you had to make a factual podcast

Let’s say Spotify are giving you a load of money to produce eight hour long episodes on a subject of your choice. You’ll get time to research and can approach experts and invite guests on. What subject would you choose?

Probably do something totally original like each episode on a random Wikipedia page


Don’t like how my voice sounds so I’ll just take the money and ghost them


History of print. In fact I’m gonna try and do this with my bookshop budget but with Netflix money it would be presented by Alan Davis


This probably changes on a regular basis, but right now it would be in how we change the way we do planning and development, so we can get past kneejerk nimbyism and short term profiteering, to get genuine benefits.

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I don’t think there’s any subject about which I could talk for 8 hours.

Would listen.

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I’ve have just started one, podcast tours of Manchester.


Tiger Crew


Earning Your Stripes: The Fall of the Cincinnati Bengals

Linked on your website?

I need to catch up on the videos you’ve done too

and this is what I’d call it


I’m not lying, by the way, sounds like a joke answer, but this is genuinely what I’d do

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HTM-Hell day.

30 episodes describing everything that led to the events of that day.


The Hierarchy Problem. Last episode will be about how the false vacuum is going to collapse and we’ll all die

I would either do:

  • an episode by episode one of Big Brother series (although that idea has been taken)
  • a reverse Attitude Era podcast one where it’s watching stuff from when WWE turned shit (2002 onwards) cause I have never seen any of those

I’d do one on the history of pubs in Brighton.

I did a thing ten years ago where I documented all of them, after years of hearing that there was a pub for every day of the year (there wasn’t), so I learned loads about the pubs doing that. Once pubs are open again I’m going to go back and do a 10th Anniversary update to it

I reckon you could do a general first episode, then the rest could be talking heads with landlords in their pubs, with general pub noise in the background


the history of World Cup Qualifying

(have considered actually doing this. there’s some bonkers stuff from way back. in the 50s a qualification spot was decided by a teenager Swiss boy called Mario flipping a coin.)

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An hour on each Marvin Lewis playoff loss and a final wrap-up episode that’s just me calling Mike Brown a stingy old fart and hoping Joe Mixon falls down a well.

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Not yet as I’ve literally just started to plan it, and all I’ve done is record a 1 minute intro thingy straight onto shit laptop speakers just to get it listed on apple/spotify etc. The actual episodes will be properly done and then I can delete the intro but it can take a few weeks for apple to list it so it was better to secretly send this out into the world for now. It’s called Automat: Manchester (inspired by Edward Hopper’s lonely cities)