If you had to make an album in any one genre of music

and if it wasn’t at least competent, by the standards of that genre, then you’d be fired into the sun, what genre would you choose?

Previously I’d have said doom metal but I think the stuff on chill lo-fi playlists might be even easier.



I think post rock is the easiest music for the most people to competently make


I’ve no Idea what the genre standards are for that though. Don’t know the tropes.


I want to die

depends what you mean by competent really

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Spoken word YSC.

I’d just talk.

Could fit into a playlist with nobody going “what the fuck is this”. 6/10 reviews by the specialist genre blogs.

I once saw a guy blow raspberries into a mic’d piece of glass for 20 mins, then smash the glass over his head at the end.

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I miss @Inside_outside

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hmm I’m sorry Eps I don’t really believe either of us could make a low fi indie tune to that standard :grimacing: or at least without a good bit of work

unless you’re sitting on some particularly sweet melodies

Whatever genre “Tracy is Hot And The Clap” are.

Acapella MCing

Not indie, that chillhop shite. Punchy kick with a quick release. 808 claps instead of snare. Some kind of piano/organ/sampled double bass melody on a loop. Apply some vinyl or tape warble effect over the top of it. Some extra crackles. Fade out every track. Done. 6/10

Whatever genre this is

can you plan an Aminor chord?

Yeah but was that good noise? Nobody knows.

that jesus played but it saddened the lord


why don’t you then?! sounds like a good gig if you can get it