If you had to run away and join the circus, which job would you take?


Not telling

Person who puts up the big tent. Did that at a wedding last year and was really good at it.

Alright but you’re still doing it in one of those skimpy outfits

Refreshment stand.

I would be one of the clowns, the sad ones who try and ruin everything, and I’d wear black and get buckets of paper thrown on me and maybe shot out of a cannon


Well obviously, it’s not like I’m running off to join a convent.

taking tickets at the tent entrance.

a circus used to stop right next to my block of flats in Spain every autumn. they spend half the time disassembling and assembling the whole operation. looks awful.

I’d like to run the coconut shy

they came early this year in March or something, got stranded by Corona and ran out of money, so were fed gratis by one of the best restaurants in town for a few months <3

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That’s a shame but also sort of the ultimate dream

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Who here is good with heights, we need someone for the high wire, I don’t have a net but we can put some rugs down or something?

they used to come with live animals years back, and you’d wake up in the middle of the night because some lion had roared or elephant made an…elephant noise.

any animals in Ruffer’s Hypothetical Circus is there of their own volition and their passion for dance etc btw

I’d like to breathe fire. Can I breathe fire in some context please?

I love to say trapeze but I’d probably break my neck on day one.

So, the clown who gets custard poured into his trousers. I’d like to work around custard.


what level? :nerd_face:

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I need 10 minutes at least, we can always have you come out and repeat it later