If you had to run away and join the circus, which job would you take?

Yeah, a circus stops near me every 6 months or so in normal times. You forget that between performances those poor fuckers are living in caravans.

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Actually, I take back the fire breathing.
I’m weirdly bendy and flexible, but also very clumsy, so could be one of those gymnasts but like… bad, so the punters would think I was doing a bit, even though I was really trying.


10 minutes of necromancy it is!



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Keeping a real lion about the place is a bit cruel so I’ll just pop a costume on. There might be a bit of a snag though as I CANNOT BE TAMED.


This reminds me of one of the few jokes I can remember.

It’s quite long though and it’s more in the telling and you’ve probably all heard it before so I’m not going to tell it but rest assured it involves a job at a circus

I don’t get it


you’re now the warm up act

The punchline is

“And give up show business? “

No change from the current job


No one’s come forward for sword-swallowing yet, I’d have a go but my gag reflex is a right bastard so it would just be me choking loudly on a sword for a bit.

Trapeze, please.
I’m very clumsy and have no spatial awareness but it looks so much fun!

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Can I be the lion tamer but the lion is a dog in a costume?


I could pretend to be a dog and wear a lion costume. Used to pretend to be a dog a lot when I was younger, so my little sister would feed me her puddings :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
My name was ‘Cookie’ jicyw.


Do circuses have fortune tellers or is that just funfairs? Because I would actually love that job, please can someone make it happen

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start a thread, tell me my fortune

You’re going to meet a tall dark stranger

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the lion is jook in a costume

I don’t want to