If you had to run away and join the circus, which job would you take?

When John Major was prime minister there were loads of jokes about him running away from the circus to become an accountant. I CBA to find out how true those stories are

that’s cool we’ll just get some dry ice or something to jazz it up, maybe do a live feed of your spreadsheet

think I’d be pretty good as the guy who stands out the front of the tent and does the “hear ye hear ye!” bit with the bell

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I can’t change the future mate, I’m just a clairvoyant

please no futures that cause complaints

Can’t believe I’ve been hussled out of the fake lion gig already. Circus life is brutal.


everyone’s winning the lottery etc

I’ve started googling dogs dressed as lions and I can’t accept this person dressed as dog dressed as lion stuff now.



I missed this sorry but we still have the seal balancing a ball on his nose spot available

Alright but I had my heart set on the lion thing so I’m gonna half ass it. It’ll just be me sat reading the paper with a ball glued to my nose.

My hometown used to have a town crier- I’m not even sure the council hired him, because he didn’t get replaced after he got too old. I think he was just an old guy who decided to be the town crier and got himself a bell and people were like “sure, why not”. (Oh looks like they’ve got a new one now- I guess it’s a job that takes a while to fill)

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Executive vice-president

Here’s his obituary

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you’re executive TO the vice president, who is, idk, lets say dingers

works for me. When do I start?

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who’s going to be our strongman? I’m thinking @1101010

Yeah because imagine the state of their DMs

You don’t have to send them

I don’t think that’s true