If you had to stake your reputation on beating a random diser at a pub sport

What are you choosing

  • Darts
  • Pool
  • Bar billiards
  • Shuffleboard
  • Skittles
  • Table football
  • Something else

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undefeated in bar pool vs disers tyvm

Haven’t played me though tbf


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People are generally really bad at darts, I consider myself ‘fine’. Everyone thinks they’re a pool shark, obviously

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Darts is 501, double out.

Obviously. No round the clock BULLSHIT


best thing about pool is after 3 drinks you feel like ronnie o sullivan and then you’re immediately shit again


there’s a pub round the corner from me with an old wodden skittle alley in, never played but they look nice


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Air hockey

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I’m an OK darts player (45.4 3 dart average) but wouldn’t want to have to hit a double with my reputation at stake

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We’re going out to a venue with ping pong and pool tables as a work social on Wednesday. Pints and ping pong. Don’t think it’s going to be very high level, somehow

I am reasonably good at hitting double 16 and double 8, impressively shit at the others. Engineer my whole game around those

If ping pong was a legit pub sport it would absolutely be my choice.


That’s just asking for trouble. All kicks off when a ping pong ball lands in someone’s pint


I really like 18 for some reason. Or tops. Shambles at anything else

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could utterly mince 99% of you at chess atm
classic pub sport

There is also ‘beer pong’ so I believe it would actually be a funny thing to happen

A pub with shuffleboard?


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Mario Kart 64