If you had to stake your reputation on beating a random diser at a pub sport

I need to open one here then :smiley:

probably that well known pub game Table Football

Darts + pub DiS meat (London)

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  • In (for socialising, not darts)
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Nice try hoogy but im no clicking that link.


I’d lose at all of these


If anyone wants to back their claim up, I am so so bad at pool and darts so will happy take the fall for anyone (it will cost you £20)

Even ‘something else’?

Yeah, especially something else

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Beer pong with shower cans

Fyi I made a separate thread

Street Fighter 2 then. My reputation and that of my entire family.

If two bad players are playing each other aye. If you play against someone actually good they’ll always win (in 8 ball, 9 is a bit more random)

on a really bad table/with bad cues, no chalk? with a break that absolutely doesn’t favour someone?

that can seperate good players, too

Yeah an actually good player would still batter anyone.

Played a little bit of pub league in Colchester and on the rare occasion someone was properly decent nobody would even get close to them

i’m shite at shuffleboard but reckon not many people have played it so it’s a tactical decision

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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two actually good players