If you had to stake your reputation on beating a random diser at a pub sport

Connect 4

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bowling is the only game of any kind that i have any modicum of skill at whatsoever

Had an idea for a pub/arcade but reckon the risk of the machines getting wrecked is very very high.

Barcades are already a thing


Changed my vote to skittles as I’m okay at that, and will just have to hope I don’t draw @Icarus-Smicarus or @Funkhouser


I really want to play darts :frowning: haven’t done it since pre pando.

I’m not very good but I did once make the final of a 32 nerd competition.

i should stress that i’m fairly average at it but that’s a lot better than how absolutely terrible i am at everything else

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I need to open one here then :smiley:

probably that well known pub game Table Football

Darts + pub DiS meat (London)

  • In (for darts)
  • In (for socialising, not darts)
  • Out

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  • November
  • December
  • January

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Nice try hoogy but im no clicking that link.


I’d lose at all of these


If anyone wants to back their claim up, I am so so bad at pool and darts so will happy take the fall for anyone (it will cost you £20)

Even ‘something else’?

Yeah, especially something else

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Beer pong with shower cans

Fyi I made a separate thread

Street Fighter 2 then. My reputation and that of my entire family.