If you had to start a food truck/street food business


What would you specialise in? What would set your food truck/street food stall apart from others?

For me, I think there’s possibly a gap in the market in the UK for pizza by the slice. More like the square ones you see in Rome rather than the slices in New York.

I’d get one of those big stone pizza ovens, and do a core range of slices with stuff like buffalo mozzarella and n’duja on them and then some out there ones with stuff like figs and goat on them. I’d make some little suppli/arancini balls too. Maybe some artisan mozzarella sticks as a cheap crowd pleaser.

What about you?


ice cream.

reckon it’d be pretty popular.


Bao place in Manchester called “How Soon Is Bao?”


Pixxa do them


Street Salad


Breakfast rolls with square sausage and tatty scones as an option. Irn bru obviously available.


I can assure you that mine would be far superior to whatever their ‘sexxy’ pizza is


the risotto r.v.


A fusion of Texan and Thai food, served in film reel cans.

Tex, Thais and Videotape


Jason’s Donner Van




me and one of my mates almost started up an octopus street food thing in 2012. got some of the stuff for it, did a few trial runs too.

we ended up agreeing that we’d both probably smoked too many spliffs over the past year or so, and decided it was a good idea that was too soon for the british public.


I really really love this, but I’d worry I would take away business from Dim Sum Su who does nice baos in Manchester and is a lovely person


Last time I went to London every shop was a pizza shop. I’d probably become a pizza shop too.


Sticks of celery with a choice of toppings.

The choices would be:

  1. a tomato
  2. a piece of cheddar
  3. nothing

Nobody is doing this so I will have first-mover advantage, and minimal startup costs once I’ve got some celery, tomatoes and cheese. And a truck.




There are very few places doing proper Cuban sandwiches in London. I’d do them and a jackfruit veggie alternative.


The Lettuce Leaf

just lettuce.


nice ones? If you’re going to do nice ones then count me in as your first customer.


Do you think the world is now ready 6 years later?