If you had to start a food truck/street food business


‘let us leave’ and you move the cart after every serving


An indie Mexican place called Cholula Gosh?



what’s a Cuban sandwich please. Is it like a Colombian neck tie?


is this a jon favreau joke?


Somebody’s not watched Chef*!

*don’t bother it is utter shite


there will be no servings


Hmm. Can’t help feeling you’re straying onto my turf here buddy. Perhaps you might like to reconsider before your lettuce “goes off” if you know what I mean.


You could sell those from a Mongolian tent.



quite possibly. lets do a poll:

is this something you’d be prepared to pay upwards of 5 pounds for?

  • yes
  • no

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the mid-90s Lenny Henry vehicle? Watched all of it mate!

A serious! A serious pro-fesh-ion!




Yeah, I’ll be honest, I’m not the most advanced cook and it seems like having a big stone pizza oven where you just chuck some dough in it for 30 seconds is a bit like printing money.


Or a seafood place called Marine Research.


It’s alright. The sandwiches looked good.


octupus is great tbf


let’s do a pulpo

*that is Spanish for octopus


Sunny’s Olive Tree do that





There was a stall in Woking called ‘Street Salad’ even before Dick Whittington came to London and paved the streets with gold.