If you had to swap your head hair for the pelt of any animal which would it be?


This has been an original question thought of and posed by @Antpocalypsenow

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Not given it much thought but probably dromedary.



(a lion really but couldn’t see one)



@Xylopwn is already training his cat to sit on his head.


I did my GCSE IT powerpoint presentation on dromedaries.


do we have to wear the pelt on our head?


I actually don’t think I’d swap my head hair for anything. maybe peace in the universe forever.


No, you can just be a bald pelt owner if you like.


Shall I take this or would I be stepping on your toes?


oh sorry


Already fielded it, thanks, man. You’re a class act.


Polar bear


I’m already pretty bald so this just sounds like free pelt to me


Ask any child what color a polar bear is and s/he will exclaim, “white” with great enthusiasm, but truth be told, their fur is actually transparent and holds no color. It only appears white because it reflects visible light


It’s alright I mainly hang out in places with visible light in


Mostly they look sort yellowy white. Like snow someone pissed in.


Whichever one is most endangered.

Fuck em.

Alternatively - Fox. Obviously.




Hedgehog, obviously


rainbow trout