If you have to choose another birthday, what would you choose?



Mine is in June, I quite like having it then so i wouldn’t really want to change it but thanks for asking.


I’d move mine to the summer. July or August


I’d like to move mine later. By about 5 or 6 years.


Mine is Jan 6th, I would move it to later in the year or just bin it off.


what happened that you’d want to shift your life by 5 (five) or 6 (six) years?


Mine’s at the end of August so usually falls over the bank holiday weekend. Pretty lols tbh. Happy with it.

Both my parents are in the run up to xmas, ffs. Selfish twats.


boyzone mania?


mine is december 27th. i know a few other people whose birthdays are close to christmas and it really bothers them, but i don’t mind it too much. it means that i’ve never had to work on my birthday, which is nice.


I was thinking more that I’d like to be 5 or 6 years younger.

Actually, that said I’m probably happier in my 30s than I ever was in my 20s.


it also means you never have to bring in cakes for people you work with


Mine is in May, which is alright. Only bothered me when I sat exams in June and would often revise

Sat quite a few exams on the actual day too


yeah, in many ways that’s the greatest victory of all!


One day later to Bastille Day please. Way more punk than St Swithin’s Day.


Mine is 25th January, a month after ol’ Jesus him’sen. Used to bother me but now that I’m old it works well as people are proper skint at the end of January having last been paid mid-December typically. Means I can go for a meal with my wife and everyone else can leave me the fuck alone. I would not change it.


You’d feel less inclined to have kippers for breakfast too.


like jesus was born on 25 december #wakeupsheeple!!!11


Mine is 3rd March, I like it there as far as the year goes but I would rather be a Leo or a Sagittarius


I didn’t mean to reply there, just a general comment in the thread


apparently Leos don’t believe in star signs though


that’s why I like them!