If you like Captain Beefheart then this guy knows his shit


Excellent video, thanks for highlighting this.

this is brilliant

Enjoyed that a LOT.

I watched the one on Velvet Underground - Murder Mystery before. quite enjoyed it.

My Dad is a huge Beefheart fan and he once told me that Beefheart was a huge egotist, so much so that that’s why all of the band members had pseudonym’s, because he didn’t want any of them getting known as musicians by their real names.

Kind of adds up with what this guy said about the domineering atmosphere during the making of this.

Did anyone see the story about the Trout Mask Replica vinyl reissue? News surfaced on April Fools day, so I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, but it looks like it’s real:

I can picture myself sitting listening to this wearing the actual trout mask.

Also, just saw this:

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Is there any way to hear the remaster without having to be a subscriber to their Vault thingy? Wouldn’t mind listening to the differences, but not enough to spend $60USD on an album I already have.

Not that I’m aware of. Likewise there’s no way I’d spend that much. My vinyl copy sounds decent, besides some of the tracks are almost like field recordings, no amount remastering is going to change that.

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