If you like Counting Crows and Pink Floyd

[Run in Red - The Ricochet] (https://open.spotify.com/artist/5RefEtIl6QxQ6HL97N3ISX)

Check out the Irish band Run in Red

Run in Red - The Ricochet

Wait are you that guy who went mental at everyone on Guitarist Ireland a few months ago? :smiley:

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Lol mental? You take social media way too seriously, you should get a life haha

it is you! did you ever manage to find a guitarist without calling everyone a dick?

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Yeah we did! He’s pretty awesome! Been jamming with him since June now :slight_smile:

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and getting caught in the rain


:joy::joy: we are gonna continue making money creating music and promoting it, you keep on trolling and mentioning us… please :grimacing:

You’ve got a very short temper haven’t you?


I have now put a request in to join Guitarist Ireland



Sadly the post is long deleted but it was a lot of fun

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Bookmarking this. Not listening to the song obvs, but there’s a lot of potential here


Why wouldn’t you at least listen to the music? You’re judging and band wagonning… you haven’t even heard the music? What is wrong with you people?

Whilst you are book marking, could you bookmark this website: https://www.firstfortnight.ie

And make a donation please?

maybe he doesn’t like Counting Crows and Pink Floyd

I actually love both of them :smiley:

Stop wasting your time trolling and bullying. Please make a donation:

I wrote the Ricochet after listening to a lot of Counting Crows and Floyd, and really really appreciating the sound. The song is about my wife’s paralysis and the idea that something must remain; maybe one day she could walk again. Thanks, thanks for successfully pissing on it and making your egos feel better. I hope you bookemark/share/screenshot this with all your mates, and have a good chuckle.


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and getting caught in the rain

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Poor Tuna